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HALUAN operates on voluntary efforts and contributions from its members and the community. Together we can contribute to the community by giving any kind of contribution & expertise, so that we live purposefully.

Bantuan Banjir Monsun Timur Laut

Raised: RM5,090.00 / Goal: RM450,000.00

38 Days Left

Share The Warmth

Raised: RM9,910.00 / Goal: RM1,000,000.00

7 Days Left

Gaza Emergency Appeal 2023-2024

Raised: RM1,658,530.00 / Goal: RM5,000,000.00

321 Days Left

Tajaan Pakaian Seragam Sekolah Pelajar Miskin

Raised: RM4,695.00 / Goal: RM6,000.00

39 Days Left


Established in 1989, HALUAN devotedly serves the society from all classes and backgrounds regardless of religious belief, race, politics, social status or geography, while upholding universally embraced Islamic principles and values.