How To Get Involved

1. Joining Our Programs

Every member of the community is encouraged to participate in our programs which are conducted all year round. Program announcements and schedules can be found on our official website or social media platforms.

2. Collaborations and CSR

HALUAN welcomes collaborations from any party, including the government agencies and organisations, to organise community welfare programs. We are also open for invitations to co-organise programs, or provide resources and skills for their programs.

3. Volunteering

HALUAN has grown over the years upon voluntary efforts from its members and the general public. We welcome volunteerism, whether as individuals or groups, to help us out with activities such as fundraising campaigns, awareness programs, teaching and counselling, as well as technical supports.

We have many success stories with student groups from higher learning institutions and general societies that yearns to gratify the community and people in need.