Past Projects & Missions

Humanitarian relief and social projects are part of HALUAN main activities. On the domestic scenes, our volunteers work with the government agencies and local communities for relief and recovery efforts for the flood victims during monsoon seasons.

Our formal and structured relief missions to aid local communities in Malaysia began in 2004, when a major seasonal monsoon flood hit urban areas in southern Peninsular especially Batu Pahat, Kluang and Segamat.

We mobilised volunteers for early recovery efforts, including

  • food, clothing and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) distributions,
  • motivations and trauma healings for children,
  • cleaning of homes and public buildings,
  • emergency clean water distributions, and
  • cooperation with government agencies at relief centres, especially in medical services.

Internationally, HALUAN cooperates with international NGOs to help relief work for the victims of natural disasters and war conflicts since 2002. Our engagements include delivering basic needs including food, clothing and shelter, conducting educational and health services, and organising solidarity campaigns.

Education for Cambodians (since 2002)
  • Since 2002, HALUAN has been providing scholarships for number of Cambodian students to further studies in Malaysia and Egypt.
  • In Cambodia, we support establishment of An-Nikmah School in Phnom Penh and Nurul Huda School in Raka Pram to improve their education curriculum and train school teachers.
Aceh Community Learning Centre (2017)
  • Rumah Quran HALUAN Barakah was established in Desa Sagoe, Pidie Jaya Aceh, in March 2017 as a long term project to revive victims of 2016 earthquake.
  • It served as a Quran learning centre for the children and religious classes for their parents, which were traditionally held at a local mosque that collapsed during the quake.
Education Assitance for Somalian Youths (since 2012)
  • HALUAN has been adopting Institute Al Irfan in Garissa near the Kenya-Somalia border, providing education aid including computers, teaching equipment and books since 2012.
  • We also sponsored Somalian students to further their technical studies at a Malaysian college.
Tahfiz al-Qur’an for Syrian Children (2011)
  • Operational assistance for Quranic memorisation training programmes for children refugees at the Saidah Zainab Camp, Damascus. Thousands of children, boys and girls, graduated in an intensive summer training for three months. Similar assistance was also given to a refugee camp each in Gaza and Lebanon.
  • HALUAN also made donations to help the operational cost of a tahfiz school for children refugee in Antakya, eastern Turkey.
Sponsorship of Postgraduate Students (since 2011)
  • HALUAN sponsors a number of Palestinian and Syrian students to complete their postgraduate degrees at Malaysian universities.
  • The sponsorship included tuition fees and living expenses.
Living Expenses Allowance for Palestinian Medical Students (since 2011)
  • Sponsorship of living expenses for 30 Palestinian medical students studying at selected universities in Sudan. It covers rental costs, food, transportation, books and equipment.
  • Their tuition fees are sponsored by the Sudanese Government.
  • Unfortunately the program has ceased following the recent conflict in Sudan since April 2023.
Foundation Schools for Rohinga Refugees (since 2017)
  • HALUAN in collaboration with NAMA Foundation established Rohingya Community Educare Centre (RCEC) in Seri Kembangan, Selangor in October 2017. This education and sosio-cultural community centre provides Rohingya children refugees in Malaysia their rights towards education.
  • RCEC has now expanded to a new branch Alor Setar in Kedah and another in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.
Al-Quran Camps for School Children in Gaza (2015 – 2019)
  • College sponsorship and summer camp operations of tahfiz Qur’an at various mosques in Gaza, including historical Markaz Ibda’ in Umari al-Kabir Mosque that produces thousands of hufaz every year.
  • Life allowance is also given to the imams and Qur’an teachers.
Study Loans for IUG Students (2014)
  • Following the zionist aggression in 2014, HALUAN has endeavoured to provide 54 students with study loans to pay their tuition fees and pursue higher educations at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG).
Batu Pahat Monsoon Flood (2004)
  • 70,000 people were evacuated to relief centres throughout state of Johor.
Pekan, Pahang Monsoon Flood (2007)
  • Major flooding that was even worse than the 1971 national flood.
Batu Pahat Flood (2010)
  • Monsoon flood extended for 48 days from the first wave until it subsided fully.
Kuantan Flash Flood (2013)
  • The worst flooding since the last 30 years.
Major Fire in Squatter Areas in Kunak (2014)
  • A major fire razed 150 houses and left 1,000 people homeless.
Kuala Krai Major Flood (2014)
  • The worst flood in its history.
  • Also hit some other areas including Temerloh in the state of Pahang.
Sabah Earthquake in Ranau (2015)
  • Moment magnitude of 6.0, the strongest in Malaysia since 1976.
  • 18 people killed on Mount Kinabalu.
  • Food distributions for earthquake victims.
Aceh Tsunami (2004)
  • An undersea earthquake with moment magnitude 9.3 caused devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean.
  • HALUAN sent a total of 114 volunteers to Aceh and became one of the longest-serving Malaysian NGO to commit to victim rehabilitation over a period of almost 4 months.
Sri Lanka Tsunami (2004)
  • HALUAN sent a humanitarian mission to worst hit area including Hambantota in the south overlooking the Indian Ocean.
Pakistan Earthquake (2005)
  • HALUAN sent doctor and paramedic teams together with Malaysian Armed Forces and Malaysian Red Crescent Society under the Malaysian National Security Council (NSC) cooperation.
Jogjakarta Earthquake, Indonesia (2006)
  • HALUAN medical teams including trauma healers and psychiatrist, as well logistics teams cooperated with Indonesia Red Crescent Society.
Sichuan Earthquake in China (2008)
  • More than 60,000 died following 7.8 ritcher earthquake.
  • Cooperated with NGOs from Selangor state to provide medical assistance.
Padang Pariaman Earthquake (2009)
  • In one of its biggest international humanitarian missions, HALUAN sent 10 medical and trauma healing teams.
  • Cooperated with Indonesia Red Crescent Society at 35 relief centers, to provide medical care for 4,000 victims.
Merapi Volcano Eruption in Central Java, Indonesia (2010)
  • The largest eruption since 1870s. 353 people were killed and over 350,000 people were evacuated.
  • Mobile clinic, trauma healing and distribution of basic foods.
  • Cooperation Indonesia Red Crescent Society medical assistance.
Van & Erciş Earthquake in Turkey (2011)
  • In cooperation with Insani Yardem Vakfi , who provided food and hot drinks for 6,000 victims everyday.
Nepal Earthquake (2015)
  • 7.8 Ritcher in western Kathmandu, killed more than 8,600 people. Gorkha, 170km from Kathmandu – one of the worst hit areas.
    Work with Nepalese NGO, Nepal Muslim Welfare Society, and Indonesian NGO, Lembaga Kemanusiaan Nasional (PKPU).
  • Distribution of basic food including rice, sugar and cooking oil, and materials for temporary shelters.
  • Medical services in villages around Himalayas and Gorkha including Jhingate, Deragau, Kokhe, Ahli Bhanjyang and Bayapani.
Somalia Drought and Famine (2011)
  • HALUAN sent medical and logistics teams to serve alongside Turkish NGO, Insani Yardim Vakfi , in Dadaab, which was one of the largest refugee camps in the world, and other camps around Somalian-Kenyan borders including Damajaley outpost, and Dagahaley, Hagadera and IFO camp.
  • Mainly medical services and delivery of clean water. Also help to set up Quranic learning classes, locally famous as duksi, for children refugees.
Afghanistan Earthquake (2016)
  • Mission to Hundu Kush province with other Malaysian NGOs including Yayasan Amal Malaysia and Afghan NGOs, Humanitarian Assistance Society (HAS) and Afghanistan Islamic Medical Association (AIMA).
  • Medical services for 280 victims in Alalabad, Kandahar and Eastern Kabul.
Cambodia Humanitarian Missions (since 2002)
  • Medical assistance through mobile clinics program.
  • Installations of tube wells.
  • Distributing stationeries for students in Phnom Penh and Raka Pram.
  • Sponsoring 13 Cambodian students to further studies in Malaysia and Egypt. Some of them have completed and returned to become teachers.
Tanf, Hassake and Khan Danoun Refugee Camps in Syria (2009)
  • Delivering winter humanitarian aid, including basic food and 36 tons of blankets.
  • Conducting medical mobile clinic.
  • Al-Tanf and Hassake camps, located in the bleak no man’s land bordering Syria and Iraq, have been closed since 2010.
Viva Palestin Land Convoy  to Gaza – Lifeline 3 (2009)
  • A land convoy carrying humanitarian aid, including ambulances, and solidarity.
  • Travelled from the United Kingdom to the Gaza Strip during the winter of 2009–10, whereby two volunteers from HALUAN joined from Damascus.
Gaza Freedom Flotilla (2010)
  • A sea convoy of six ships carrying more than 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid and construction materials from Istanbul to Gaza.
  • 12 Malaysia volunteers, including five from HALUAN, were among over 600 passengers on board of MV Mavi Marmara.
Tube Wells for Syria (2014)
  • Constructed 15 tubewells in blockade areas around Damascus, including Ma’shiratuz Zait, Saqba, Huzzah, Iftaris, Jadah az-Zuhur, Syeikh al-Khafli neighbourhoods in Ghoutah Syarqiyyah.
Syrian Conflict and Refugees Relief (since 2012)
  • Winter aid, including food package, powdered milk, heating equipment and firewood, clothing and blankets.
  • Schools bags and stationeries for children
  • Ramadan Iftar and Eid ul Fitr aid.
Palestian/Syrian Orphan Sponshorships (since 2014)
  • Support for Palestinian and Syrian orphaned refugees in Lebanon with monthly life allowance since 2014, mostly those living in Ein El-Hilweh refugee camp.
Winter Aid for Syrian Refugees in Reyhanli, Turkey (2014)
  • Delivering winter aid including food and blankets to Syrian refugees in Reyhanli, bordering Syria.
  • Sponsoring schooling fund for childreen refugees.
Rohingya Genocide Crisis (since 2012)
  • HALUAN delivered aid to Sittwe region in Myanmar as well as refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf and Chittagong in Bangladesh.
  • Micro economy project to produce building bricks, bakery, snack food to provide jobs and funds to run local schools.
  • Tube well projects in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, each tube well provides clean water for 40 families.
  • Food, toiletries and healthcare packages for newly arrived refugees.
  • Ramadan food aid.
  • Food and clothing distributions for Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.
Refugees Aid for Syrian Refugees in Jordan (2012- 2016)
  • Winter aid, food and clothing, for Syrian 350 refugee families in Sakan Karomah, Zarqa.
  • Establish a medical clinic at Sakan Karomah camp that serve 20 patients daily, in collaboration with and UTeM.
Lebanon Winter Aid (2014)
  • Delivery of winter aid including cloth and cash to orphaned Palestinian refugees in Bourj el-Barajneh camp, Beirut. In 2012, we co-financed renovation work for Masjid Ar-Rayyan located in this camp.
  • Signed a collaboration with Balsama Center in Saida, Lebanon to produce prostheses for Gaza war victims in Palestine.
Food Flotilla for Myanmar (2017)
  • 2,300 tonnes of food on Nautical Aliya ship, organised by coalitions of Malaysian NGOs including HALUAN.
  • 230 volunteers including 20 medical doctors and 10 paramedics.
  • Two volunteers from HALUAN including a medical doctor joined the convoy.
Warmth for Syrians in Lebanon (2017)
  • Collaborate with Al-Ghawth Humanitarian Relief for Development to deliver medicines stock and provide medical services especially eye tests.
  • Delivering winter clothing at Al-Hayatu An-Nisaiyyah, an organisation specialising in helping women and orphans.
  • Delivering food packages for Syrian refugees at Ein El-Hilweh camp.
Sponsor of Iftar at al-Aqsa Mosque (since 2013)
  • HALUAN organised the holy mosque enrichment programme by holding iftar during Ramadan.
  • Emergence of Covid-19 pandemic has stopped the program for the time being, as the zionist regime prohibited all gatherings.
Family Support for Murabithin al-Aqsa
  • Supporting 1,000 murabitat (peaceful guardians of al-Aqsa mosque by conducting Quranic classes or voluntary work at the holy site) families with monthly supplies worth US$50 each, consisting of basic food and groceries.
  • In order to force them giving up guarding the holy site from sacrilegious incursions by Jewish settlers, the Zionis intimidate their family with lost of jobs, house arrests, deportations, fines, abductions, as well as prison terms.
Ramadan and Eidul Fitr
  • Annual program do distribute Ramadan basic food in refugee camps of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.
  • Ramadan iftar also organised in refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.
  • Cookies and sweets were also distributed to the children during the eid celebration days.
Al-Huda Cancer Centre
  • Every month, more than 1,000 critically ill patients in Gaza have to be referred for specialist treatments in Egypt, Jordan, the West Bank and Israel. With increasingly stringent restrictions imposed upon Gaza residents, many could not seek treatment and died in pain while waiting for permission to leave Gaza. HALUAN worked with several international NGO partners from Arab countries and Indonesia to build a specialist treatment centre for cancer patients.
  • The centre requires a modification of an existing clinic in Tel al-Islam within Rimal neighbourhood in coastal area of Gaza City and supply of cancer treatment equipment.
  • In operation since late 2013, it is the first medical centre in Gaza giving special treatment to cancer patients.
Micro-Credit Loans in Gaza
  • Two in three families in Gaza live in extreme poverty with a daily income of less than US$2, where more than 80% of the population depending on foreign aid.
  • The prices of basic facilities, though available, are too expensive as they have to be smuggled through underground tunnels.
  • Various measures have been taken to help them meet the needs of their families.
  • Part of the contribution by Malaysians distributed through the Foreign Ministry has been channelled to schemes of micro-credit loans for selected entrepreneurs. Through these schemes, they not only could meet the needs of the families but also provide employment opportunities for the local community.
  • The two loan programmes are Industrial dairy cattle farming in Khan Younis, Workshop for sewing garments and crafts by single mothers.
Agricultural & Livestock Rabbit Aid in Gaza
  • Supply of breeder rabbits for poor families in collaboration with the Palestinian Welfare House. Apart from a daily food source, it helps to generate the families’ income.
Dental Clinic At Yarmouk Camp (2011)
  • Purchase of land, buildings, equipment and initial operation of the dental charity clinic at Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, Syria.
  • This clinic is the only institution that provides dental care to more than 300,000 Palestinian refugees around Damascus, including Yarmuk, Filistin, Sbena and Khan Danun camps.
Distributions of Essential Kitchen Stoves and Cooking Utensils (2014)
  • Distributions of kitchen stoves and essential cooking utensils helped the most vulnerable refugee families survive and cope after losing almost everything.
Renovation of Mosque (2012)
  • Renovation of the Ar Rayyan Mosque at the Burj El-Barajneh refugee camp in southern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon.
Distribution of Powdered Milk (2014)
  • Due to war blockade, supply of powdered milk for babies and children helped to overcome malnutrition problems among the refugees in Syria.
Emergency Lights for Students (2015)
  • Shortages of electricity prevented students in Gaza to continue learning after school sessions.
  • With the help of emergency lights, students and their families can overcome the problem and avoid burns or fire which would occasionally occur due to the use of candles.
Food, Home & Cash Assistance (2012)
  • Donations were provided for the cost of treatment and rental of temporary accommodation. Among patients who received contributions were those treated at Kamal Edwan Hospital, Al-Shifa Hospital, Shohadaa al-Aqsa Hospital, the European Hospital and Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital.
Community Ambulance (2012)
  • The destructions during Israeli bombardment in Gaza caused shortages of ambulance and emergency vehicles.
  • HALUAN and Al-Sarraa Foundation helped to rent a few vehicles, complete with fuel supplies, to be used as ambulance vehicles to transport injured persons.
Construction of Temporary Sheikh Ahmad Yasin Mosque
  • Following the Israeli offensive in the Battle of al-Furqan, 2009, the construction of Sheikh Ahmad Yasin Mosque was initiated for temporary use of 700 families in the Jabaliya refugee camp.
  • Since 2013, the structure is used for teaching purposes as the mosque has been replaced with a permanent building contributed by Arab NGOs.
Family Allowance for Medical Staff (2013)
  • Medical staff at the government hospitals in Gaza including the doctors, nurses, technicians and ambulance drivers work tirelessly to help war victims even though they have not received their wages for some times.
  • HALUAN provides them with cash to support the needs of their families.
Treatments for Children Hearing and Speech Disorder (2015)
  • HALUAN, with the assistance of experts from Al-Amal for Development & Social Care assisted 1,000 children to undergo hearing and speech disorders therapy and provided hearing aid to 250 of them.
Trauma Recovery for Gaza Children (2014)
  • Various forms of trauma recovery programmes were organised to help Gaza children overcome the post-traumatic effects of war.
Distribution of Clean Water and Water Containers (2016)
  • With 95% of water source in Gaza not fit for human consumption, HALUAN helps the poor family to supply clean water together with water containers.
Construction of Water Resources & Tube Wells
  • The construction of four community tube wells at the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) campuses in Gaza City and Khan Younis after the 2008-09 war.
Gaza Winter Flood & Storm Disaster Relief
  • The major flood that hit Gaza in winter 2013 resulted in more than 5,000 Gaza residents being evacuated. When the disaster occured, Gaza was already facing winter with power blackouts for more than 12 hours a day.
  • While in winter 2014, after being bombarded by the Israeli forces for 52 days, Gaza population had to face yet another disaster in the form of flood and storm.
  • Continous closure of Rafah crossing meant they not only suffer from food shortages, but also had to bear the pain of running out of medical supplies.
Kuala Krai, Kelantan (2014/2015)
  • 14 temporary houses for poor families.
  • Victims of major flood in Kg. Pasir Klang and Kg. Auduri.
Gorkha, Nepal (2015)
  • Two temporary shelters for earthquake victims in Gorkha, 150km from Katmandu.
  • In collaboration with Lembaga Kemanusiaan Nasional (PKPU) Indonesia.
Aceh, Indonesia (2016/2017)
  • 25 shelters called “Rumah HALUAN Barakah” for earthquake victims in Desa Sagoe, Pidie Jaya, Aceh.
Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia (2019)
  • More than 120 units of Rumah HALUAN Prihatin (RHP) were constructed as temporary shelters for the victims of 2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami disaster.