Main Programs & Missions

HALUAN social services and projects mainly focuses on dakwah, education and welfare. Strategically, our overall activities are organised to encompass the following areas:

  1. Dakwah and outreach,
  2. Individual and family development,
  3. Women empowerment,
  4. Education supports,
  5. Training and development,
  6. Welfare and health services,
  7. Humanitarian relief missions,
  8. Palestine awareness and relief campaigns,
  9. Entrepreneurship development, and
  10. Sports and recreations.
Asrama HALUAN Penyayang (AHP)
  • Shah Alam, Selangor

AHP operates on a leased waqf facility at Kompleks Darul Miftah As-Sa’adah in Bukit Naga, Shah Alam, since its establishment in January 2006. It shelters 30 orphans and children from poor families ages from seven to 17, fulfilling their formal education needs as well as personal development. Particular attentions are given on spiritual, motivational dan leadership activities.

Pusat Pembangunan Minda Insan (PPMI) Sabah
  • PPMI Kg. Kabog, Kunak
  • PPMI Kg. Kunak 3, Kunak
  • PPMI Kg. Hidayat, Semporna
  • PPMI Kg. Tandoan, Semporna
  • PPMI Pulau Mabul, Semporna
  • PPMI Kg. Tagupi Laut, Lahad Datu
  • PPMI Kg. Simuning, Lahad Datu
  • PPMI Kg. Lok Buani, Lahad Datu
  • PPMI Kg. Takun, Lahad Datu
  • PPMI Kg. Simpang Jeroco, Lahad Datu
  • PPMI Rumah Pangsa, Kinarut

PPMI is an effort by HALUAN Sabah to provide a formal community schooling system for ethnic minority and poor families that are left behind by mainstream development programs, especially the sea gypsies Bajau Laut, and those with dubious citizenship status. It was first established in Kg. Kabog, Kunak, on 16 September 2011 and adapts the Ministry of Education (MoE) primary education syllabus.

The students, aged from five to 40 years old, learn foundation subjects including MoE’s 3M (Membaca, Menulis dan Mengira), life skills and volunteerism culture. Todate, more than 1,000 students have graduated. Effectively 98% of them mastered the 3M as well as Islamic subjects.

With cooperations from the District Education Office since 2017, more than 30% of PPMI graduates pursued their higher education and performed excellently in the mainstream schools.

Refugee Community Educare Center (RCEC)
  • Seri Kembangan, Selangor
  • Alor Setar, Kedah
  • Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

RCEC which is alternative education centres for the refugee communities especially the Rohingyas, since most of them are not eligible to enroll in government schools. The first school was established in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, in October 2017. Students are taught Bahasa Melayu, English, Burmese, Mathematics, Science and Arts besides the priority in al-Quran and Islamic subjects as well as extra-curricular activities.

As a community establishment, RCEC also serve as a life long learning centre for the parents and youths where auxilliary classes and workshops are organise to teach Bahasa Melayu and English as well as parenting skills.

UNHCR has recognised RCEC as examplary school for refugees in Malaysia. As such, the UN body entrusts HALUAN to be an advisor for other refugee schools.

Palestine Community Educare Centre (PCEC)
  • Ein el-Helwah Refugee Camp, Lebanon

PCEC was establised in 2019 to facilitate Quranic and Islamic foundation classes for the children, youths and women among the Palestinian refugees in Ein el-Hilweh camp. Most importantly, it serves as a comfort centre to manage the social and psychological threats among children and women.

Ein el-Hilweh is the largest refugee camp in Lebanon. It was established in 1948 and populated largely by Palestinians forced to leave from their homes in the coastal regions, then joined by those being relocated from other camps especially after Tripoli civil unrest and Nahr el-Bared conflict in 2007. Constast flows of refugees from Syria and Palestine have never ceased.

PCEC, formerly known as Markaz Tahfiz Al-Quran Palestine-Syria, is a result of Cinta Yatim Palestin Syria Project following HALUAN’s Winter Relief Mission in 2014. It began with sponsorship of 100 Palestinian orphans at the camp, then followed with educational programs for bigger number of refugees including youths and parents.

From two Quranic and Islamic study classes in 2019, PCEC grows into four formal classes and regular classes or camps on self development, women’s skills courses, as well as awareness lectures. At least 222 refugees gain direct benefits from this program, including 157 children, 30 youths and 35 women.

Besides donations from the Malaysian public, this project is regularly funded by Sabasun HyperRuncit Sdn Bhd.

Akademi Al-Quran & As-Sunnah Gaza
  • Jabaliya Camp, Gaza

Akademi Al-Quran & As-Sunnah Gaza is an important educational establishment in Gaza to produce qualified teachers in the blockaded territory. The project is co-established with Indonesian Sahabat al-Aqsha and Radio Rodja. It is fully managed by Darul Quran al-Karim wa as-Sunnah Gaza, and was officiated by the then Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyyeh, on 4th Feb 2016.

In its first graduation ceremony, 500 female Quran teachers received their certificates.

Unfortunately, the academy was bombed by the zionist air force in early Januari 2024.

Ibadah Korban
  • Nationwide
  • Selected countries

Ibadah korban or qurban sacrifice during Eid al-Adha is highly stressed for its religious significance. Since its early establishment, HALUAN organised qurban at various localities in Malaysia, including rural areas where Muslim aborigines settled in states of Pahang and Perak. Qurban programs not only help poor families and refugees to observe Eid ul-Adha seasons with happiness, but also provides continuity to our humanitarian relieves and supports for them to live in better conditions.

Later in 2000 onwards, HALUAN has organised official program to facilitate Muslims to perform the ritual, whereby the meat is distributed to the most needy Muslim community with significant food insecurity including among others the following areas:

  • Thailand (Sadao, Hatyai), Cambodia (Chroy Metrey, Phnom Penh), Myanmar (Meiktila in Arakan), Vietnam (Chau Doc, Tay Ninh, and Q8 in Ho Chi Minh), Indonesia (Aceh), Philippines (Iligan City, Mindanao).
  • India (Trichi, Tamilnadu), Sri Lanka (Mutur, Thoppur, Musali, Colombo, Puttalam, Kolonnawa, Elambadagama), Bangladesh (Rajshahi, Bianna).
  • Somalia (Dagahaley, Dadaab camps, Madogo), Kenya (Garissa), Sudan (Khartoum), Egypt (Hayyu Sabi’ in Cairo), Morocco.
  • Jordan (Irbid), Syria (Dara’a, Ghouta Sharqiyah, Aleppo), Palestine (Gaza).

With close coordinations by local NGOs or community-based organisations, HALUAN has so far organised the korban program in more than 20 countries.

Sejuta Barakah Ramadan
  • Nationwide

Sejuta Barakah Ramadan (SBR) is an annual campaign to help those in need during the blessing month of Ramadan. Through SBR, the public are able to offer donations while participating in various charity and educational programs. The main aim is to 1) promote importance of Ramadan and its asscociated deeds, 2) organise beneficial programs of activities in relation to Ramadan, 3) distribute charity collections for the benefits of those in needs during the holy month, and 4) collect charity funds for longer-term charity projects.

It all began in 2011 when HALUAN organised an annual program to bring imam hufaz from Palestine, Syria, Cambodia and Somalia to Malaysia during Ramadan. While being imam to lead prayers, they were sharing experience and updates pertaining the situations in the community and thus create awareness and sense of togetherness among the Malaysians. The program has however been rebranded to SBR since 2020, when Covid-19 spread around the world and restricted most activities.

Kursus Jati Diri & Kesukarelawanan Remaja (iJDK)
  • Nationwide

Kursus Jati Diri & Kesukarelawanan Remaja (iJDK) is an intensif course for school leavers in preparations for their next big step in life, i.e. to further education or embark in career working environment.

iJDK first introduced in 2009, where participants typically contain distinct modules including paradigm shift, contemplation and reflection upon Al-Quran, community service skills, physical fitness and recreations, technological literacy and preparations, family values, as well as guidance in deciding higher education sectors.

Todate, some 50,000 students have benefited from this program.