Service Clusters

Our services are categorised into six correlated clusters:

Cluster 1 – Education
Cluster 2 – Dakwah
Cluster 3 – Professional And Agency
Cluster 4 – Welfare And Humanitarian
Cluster 5 – Youth, Sports And Recreations
Cluster 6 – Women And Family Development

Cluster 1 – Education
  • Promote contemporary and balanced education programs through teachers’ empowerment programs.
  • Conduct motivational programs and lectures at public schools.
  • Organise annual character development dan volunteerism camp Kursus Jatidiri dan Kesukarelawanan (i-JDK) for school leavers.
  • Conduct empowerment programs for higher learning communities through Kelab Siswa HALUAN (HALUAN Siswa).
  • Organise annual national research conference on human capital (SEMAI).
  • Operate Kolej Teknologi Darulnaim (KTD) and Institut Pengajian Tinggi Islam Perlis (IPTIPs), offering technical and Islamic Studies courses.
  • Provide alternative informational and educational resources for the public.
Cluster 2 – Dakwah
  • Educational and awareness programs for Muslims, addressing knowledge and spiritual enrichments, as well as contemporary matters.
  • Intelectual seminars to address contemporary issues through Nadwah Ulama Ahli Sunnah (NADWAH).
  • Educational and training programs pertaining inter-faiths and non-Muslims, including comparative religion courses.
  • Educational classes and welfare supports through Reverts & Islam Information Centre (RISE).
  • Welfare support for new reverts and aborigines.
  • Street dakwah programs.
  • Advocate volunteerism within the community.
  • Administer recruitment and training programs for volunteers.
Cluster 3 – Professional And Agencies
  • Establish and strengthen strategic collaborations with the government ministries and agencies, public and private corporations, NGOs and media outlets that embrace common interests.
  • Explore grants and funding opportunities or facilities.
  • Foster awareness among HALUAN members to endeavor strategic professional fields.
  • Nurture experts in a diverse range of professional fields.
  • Promote expertise from among HALUAN members and bridge strategic collaborations with relevant entities.
  • Explore business opportunities to generate funds that support HALUAN missions.
  • Nurture entrepreneurships from amongst HALUAN members.
  • Guide junior entrepreneurs to scale up their business ventures.
  • Administer recruitment and training programs for volunteers.
Cluster 4 – Welfare And Humanitarian
  • Conduct local and international relief missions, with focus in education for medium and long-term recovery efforts.
  • Provide welfare supports in the events of natural disasters and humanitarian crises.
  • Conduct relief projects in Palestinian refugee camps and Occupied Palestine Territory.
  • Engage smart collaborations with international bodies, government agencies, private sectors and NGOs for relief works.
  • Manage charity institutions for orphans, underprivileged and indigenous communities, including Asrama HALUAN Penyayang (AHP) and Rohingya Community Educare Center (RCEC).
  • Conduct annual Ramadan and korban programs.
  • Organise awareness and training programs pertaining disaster preparation and emergency relief.
  • Raise perpetual public awareness on the Palestine issues.
  • Organise fundraising campaigns.
Cluster 5 – Youth, Sports & Recreations
  • Establish strategic collaborations with other youth organisations and youth-related government agencies.
  • Mentor and empower youths to be future leaders who are beneficial to the society, through structured youth clubs and social programs including the annual Konvensyen Belia Relawan HALUAN (KOBAR).
  • Organise activities to promote healthy lifestyles, sports and recreations.
  • Organise annual sports carnival for the members, volunteers and their families.
Cluster 6 – Women & Family Developments
  • Empower women’s role in self and family well-beings.
  • Promote healthy environments for spiritual growth and education that heighten child and family developments.
  • Organise family organisation and management skills programs, including accredited pre-marriage courses.
  • Nurture women and younger generations to educate and serve the community through the mainstream voluteering and outreach activities.
  • Organise education, training and development programs for children, women and family empowerments and welfare.
  • Organise the annual national convention for women.
  • Organise motivational camps for school children and adolescences.
  • Promote structured early education syllabus, including establishment of kindergarten institutions.