Vision & Mission

And let there be (arising) from you a group of people inviting to (all that is) good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful.
(Quran Ali ‘Imran (3) : 104)

HALUAN Forbearers of Social Change.
Tarbiyah Nurtures Leaders And
Dakwah Transforms The Society.
Akhlaq, Educate And Serve.
Core Values
1. Faith and Taqwa
2. Sincerity
3. Brotherhood and Love
4. Collaborative Efforts
5. Sacrifice
6. Consistent & Persistent

Strategic Commitments

For Members & Volunteers

Provide a mechanism for timeless tarbiyah (education) and welfare for members and volunteers, as well as their families.

For Partners

Cooperate with all parties that adhere common interests and values.

For The Community

Striving to address dominant issues, notably in solving social ills, eradicating poverty, enriching education and outreach programs, responding to humanitarian crises and rendering welfare, cutting across religious, ideological or geographical barriers.

For Supporters & Contributers

Practice good governance, trust and transparency, and a culture of continuous improvement in all operations. The success of HALUAN’s mission is highly dependent on the trust of all stakeholders, including members and the general public, through their support and contributions.