Keynote Address 25th Annual Delegates Meeting

Keynote Address 25th Annual Delegates Meeting

Keynote Address 25th Annual Delegates Meeting



  1. The vision of human life is a culminative concept of objectives that is most important in steering one’s mission to harness his entire existence towards a path that is altruistic and in line with the demands of Allah SWT.
  2. Allah SWT has included all the goals of human life in the ‘manual’ of life itself which is the Quranul al-Karim as espoused in Surah Ali Imran, verse 19;

“Surely the religion (which is true and ordained) with Allah is Islam, and those (Jews and Christians) who were given the Scripture did not differ (on the religion of Islam and refused to accept it) until after they reach the true knowledge about it; (the difference is about) simply because of jealousy within themselves and (remember) those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, Allah is swift in account.”

  1. This manual is the primary source which explains the facts of human existence that will guide them towards the right path.
  2. So as to improve the lives of individuals, inevitably we have to witness and engage with efforts to improve human life and other creatures on this earth. The responsibility as a caliph is a Godly assignment that should be felt by every human being. Allah says in Surah al-Baqarah, verse 30;

And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels; “Behold, I will create a vicegerent on earth.” They asked (about the wisdom of God’s ordinances, saying): “Would You (O Allah) create on earth the one who will make mischief therein and shed blood (kill each other), while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee?” He said: “I know what you do not know.”

  1. In implementing the responsibility of servitude and leadership, HALUAN took to a planned approach. Included in it is a long-term plan. HALUAN is now in the era of her second term: 2012-2026 with THREE major strategic focuses of the masses, supporters and funds.



Distinguished guests,

  1. Saidina ‘Ali r.a. once said, “truth unplanned shall be defeated by organized falsehood.” There were learneds who said inter alia, “that if we fail to plan, then in fact we are planning to fail.” These words are often times heard and there is absolute truth to them. Here, I want to remind myself and our brothers and sisters of HALUAN about the long-term plan that we have concurred upon. This plan is designed in that we shall move forward in the areas of education, social welfare, health and humanitarian. Neverthless, plans will remain plans sitting on paper if not embraced and implemented. Therefore, whenever possible these plans should become your desired dream and always remaining in our heads until fruition.
  2. As written in the plan, our focus is on three (3) key aspects of ‘MASSES’, ‘SUPPORTERS’ and ‘FUNDS’. These three aspects cannot be separated as the desired goals will not be achievable without them in tandem. Efforts towards achieving the goals require that all three aspects be running simultaneously, each mutually strengthening the other.
  3. What we mean by ‘Masses’ is to build awareness of Islam in society, so that they can accept the comprehensiveness of Islam and cogently believe that Islam is the only solution to any problems that emerge. Besides, we also expect people to know and be positive about HALUAN. Activities regarding the masses should cover predetermined sectors and able to increase thenumber of volunteers as envisaged.
  4. In ensuring success regarding the Masses, we must go out to society by contributing our services while inviting them to join us in doing good and abstaining from evil. We cannot proceed just by ourselves as works concerning the masses are many. Hence support of the community is needed.
  5. Opportunities abound for us to be with the community. Where there are people, that’s where we should be. We cannot expect people to know us through our existing activities. It is we who need to get onto the pitch intensively and get to know them, comprehend their feelings and help solve their plight. Solutions by our ownselves or in tandem with other parties such as government agencies, the private sector and so on is highly recommended.
  6. We not only want to see the figures recorded as a leading indicator, or being satisfied by huge turnouts alone but what is more important is that we want each activity / programme that we have conducted to be focussed on fixed targets.
  7. Activities/programmes for the Masses must cover all sectors of society, be they professionals or otherwise, highly educated or not, and so on.
  8. Hence, I call on members of HALUAN to explore these opportunities to serve society. Do not let time pass you by because one’s age is measured not by the length of years but valued by how much you have contributed to society. Hopefully society are us and we are society. Remember that our true worth is what we have contributed, not what we received.


  1. Big numbers of people may not guarantee work efficiency that could bring us to attainable targets. This is where HALUAN needs members who understand the path of the organisation, understand the meaning of amalgamating oneself with the organisation, complying with its conditions and rules and to live within the organisation throughout his life.
  2. By ‘Supporters’ mean the qualitative improvement of members who are systematically monitored after fulfilling certain conditions. The desired qualities include one’s faith, knowledge, character and his contributions and services.
  3. The formation of Supporters is modelled after the struggles of the Apostles and Prophets. Prophet Muhammad SAW tutored his wife Khadijah r.a, then Abu Bakr as Siddiq his best friend, followed by Ali bin Abi Talib his cousin, and also Zaid Haritsah, a slave he freed. It later expanded with the embracing of Islam by Uthman Affan ra., Zubair al Awwam r.a, Abdul Rahman Auf r.a., Saad bin Abi Waqqas r.a. and Talha bin Ubaidullah r.a. It was these Supporters who later propagated Islam till we are able to enjoy the boon of it today. Allah says in Surah Ali Imran, verse 146;

“And how many of the prophets (previously) have fought battles with the assistance of many whom were obedient to Allah, and they do not become weak-hearted on account of what befell them in the way (of) Allah and they do not weaken, nor did they bow (to the enemy) and (remember) Allah loves those who are patient.”

  1. It’s a great misfortune if we slack in developing Supporters. Implementation of activities/programmes will become slow or even halted altogether due to miniscule manpower or absence of Supporters to make things happen. Although in terms of quantity our numbers may seem high, without thorough and effective formation there will not be quality Supporters.
  2. The real strength of an organisation depends on the aggregate of advantages that its members have. We need members who have strong personal qualities and capable of performing any activities/programs that are designed and capable of dealing with problems and difficulties.

Gentlemen and ladies,

  1. In this matter, the pertinent thing we should do is to enable and prepare ourselves with the necessary skills to do great work and more. We need to prepare ourselves from time to time so as to always be in a state of readiness to perform our given tasks. It is also important to thirst for self-improvement so that one could become functional instantaneously, dynamic and fit into position at every condition. If it is not us who comes to the fore, who else can we depend on?
  2. Subsequently we need to educate and build others around us, in our homes, our neighbours, our friends and companions and anyone who is willing to be with us. And who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah while he himself does good, and says: “I am from amongst the Muslims.” (al-Fussilat : 30)
  3. We have many institutions that are led and operated by HALUAN members. Make it a venue, a platform and an opportunity for anyone who is in touch with them to embody with our nurtured upbringing. We need to ensure that there is formation of awareness and understanding of puristic Islam, the establishment of individuals who are committed to Islam who contribute to the development of Islam in a planned and systematic way.
  4. Besides that, I urge that we constantly strive to enhance our potential in various professional fields and in deeniyah especially amongst our young men and women.


  1. By ‘funds’ we mean to increase responsiveness to donate amongst members. The members are made to feel the responsibility of donating to its maximum for funding of educational, social and humanitarian activities. In addition to that, outsourcing for funding opportunities are also sought externally, including from philanthropic organisations, whether individuals, companies or the government.

Gentlemen and ladies,

  1. Sincerity and determination alone are inadequate to perform good deeds. We need substantial financial resources/funds to support those activities/programs. Mere contributions through members’ annual fees and public donations alone are insufficient to cover rising costs. Hence, we should strive to obtain funding sources to add to our funds and to prudently spend on educational, social, health and humanitarian activities.
  2. Let us start this funding culture within ourselves first that is to do it in the path of Allah. The success of the previous ummah amongst others was due to their high responsiveness towards giving alms. Some of them handed over their entire wealth for the cause of Islam like Abu Bakr r.a., half of their wealth such as Umar followed by his other companions r.a. who simply sought the pleasure of Allah by giving.
  3. Abdul Rahman bin Auf r.a. was amongst the richest of the Prophet’s companions who donated his entire wealth in the path of Islam at its onset. He’s a sharp businessman and had immense wealth while in Medina.
  4. Mus’ab bin Umair who was a son of the noble, dearly beloved by his mother, his attire magnificent and expensive, his fragrance perpetually with perfume, but he left everything behind for the sake of Islam. When Mus’ab died, there was not enough material to cover his body. Nonetheless, there is a paradise wider than the heavens and the earth awaiting him. Allah Almighty says in Surah Ali Imran, verse 134;

They are those who spend their wealth in good times and bad, and those who restrain anger, and those who forgive others and (remember), Allah loves those who do good deeds.

  1. Come let us enhance our donations from our incomes from time to time in the path of Allah SWT. We should reduce unnecessary expenses just to gain pleasure from the Almighty. Indeed the awaiting rewards are immense in the sight of Allah, as Allah mentioned in Surah al-Baqarah, verse 261;

The comparison of (donation) of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed which grows seven ears; each ear has a hundred grains (remember) Allah gives manifold increases to whom He pleases, and Allah is ample (grace) in giving, His knowledge all wise.


  1. We also need to explore other areas that can generate income. Projects such as the plantation sector, health, cooperative societies, and others are good platforms to generate long-term financial resources for our activities and programmes.


  1. Besides those, there are ample sources of funds within the country. Many private and government agencies allocate funds for community purposes. This opportunity shouldbe seized by us to ensure our activities/programmes implemented do not face financing difficulties. For this purpose, we need to implement it in a professional and accountable manner.


  1. We have many professionals who work solitarily. Wouldn’t it be nice if these resources can combine and be mobilised as a team that can contribute funds to the organisation. Efforts to develop young entrepreneurs or propagator entrepreneurs should be taken seriously. This emergent entrepreneurs not only will form a self-reliant team, but also become pivotal in the work of education, community and humanity in the long run.


Gentlemen and ladies of the delegation,

  1. As an international organisation, it will be inappropriate for HALUAN to ignore issues in her surroundings. Hence, current issues are also getting HALUAN’s attention be they domestic orinternational.


  1. Education is fundamental in the development of a country and it is a major asset to determineprogress of these countries.
  2. Approximately, number of students in 2015 ranging from pre-school to pre-university was 6,380,717 student, while the students to higher education institutions (public and private) were estimated 1,610,408 student. This is a huge figure of about 27% of the total populationof Malaysia (1). They are the ones who will eventually become the future leader of the country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1. The shape of the fluid is resemblance of its container. How the education system implemented, then that’s the result
  2. Islamic education stresses that can produce human devoted solely to Allah (meaning theQur’an 51:56) and also a responsibility of being a leader of this earth (meaning the Qur’an 2:30). In other words, the goal of Islamic education is to produce students who are knowledgeable, devout believers, virtuous, do good, and has been to develop family, community, nation andummah based on Islam.
  3. Education without core set will only produce robots or gadgets to economic development (material) only. Development is measured in terms of the economy and ignore the other aspect.
  4. Islamic education emphasize that individuals not only feel that they live in this world but believes that there is another life after death. Education without hereafter as the goal of education is just a short axis whatsoever. If the life span of between 72 years to 76 years so that’s only earned.
  5. As we can see today, educational goals as outlined in the Ministry of Education want to produce students who are balanced emotionally, spiritually and physically. In fact, it has been unable to produce students who devote themselves to God and to feel responsibility as a caliph. Lately, the number of increasing social problems shows to us to figure out which areas of needed improvement.
  6. We must return to the system brought by the Prophet Muhammad, a continuous effort towards developing the potential of individual Muslim as a servant of Allah and His caliphs on earth to produce a balanced spiritually, aqliah, beliefs, emotions and physical based on Islam.


  1. The Muslims in Malaysia today no longer display a spirit of unity (brotherhood) as prescribed for by Islam. Disunity amongst the Muslims is very disturbing and heartwrenching. Like an accident in waiting, with no solution, all ending in a stalemate. Muslims are entangled in the quagmire of the past that hovers over the same pivot, amongst which are issues of partisan politics, denominational affiliations, dispute over frivolous matters and so on.
  2. More so we are bombarded by problems of the collapse and disintegration of morals leading to depravity. Muslim youths become mass media fodder today. Criminal acts involving drug abuse, adultery, rape, illegal racing, pornographic videos, truancy, free sex, hedonism, smoking and so on have become norms in society. Anywhere and everywhere even in their own homes youths are not spared from these vices. This moral depravity is a bane as cancer is that must be treated with resolve.
  3. The social disintegration we see today must be tackled at source, not merely labelling them as social symptoms. The main factor of social problems that is plaguing society is poverty in varying aspects and the slack in social intervention. The role of social agencies seems to appear relatively passive with unprogressive strategies that do not keep pace with the changing realities of society. While hundreds of millions of ringgit are allocated to it at every tabling of the national budget, the results remain disappointing.

Where did we go wrong?

  1. Social development should be multifaceted for each strategy is different. For example at the micro level, the intervention must reflect a broader strategy to help individuals andhouseholds start a small business that can operate in a free market. The lower stratum ofsociety who needs an economic crutch, regardless of race or religion, must be allowed to be independent with their own business with the help of micro-credit to meet the needs of the family leading to a more comfortable life. We must provide these channels for them as to notforce them to become thieves, robbers or murderers to eke out a living.
  2. Grant for cash, minimum wage and food subsidies are seen as among the strategiesimplemented to help low-income people according to the current challenging economic condition. However, we can see people forced to bear the negative impact of rising prices and inflation. This is undoubtedly result in increased cost of living. The effect is to make the people do not enjoy subsidies and support in the proper sense but simply got higher cash income only. For example, for people who earn 1,000 or less they will get financial support of RM600 per year. This means people have got higher revenue of RM50 per month (RM600/12 months= RM50). In other words, people have gained favor an increase in revenue of 5 percent per month {(50m x 100) / RM1,000 = 5}. If inflation occurs at 5 per cent, meaning the fact that people do not get any profit. Actually, the profit is going to the dealer. On the other hand, if the inflation rate is less than 5 per cent, the people can earn a profit. But if at the same time the inflation rate is more than 5 percent of the people actually at a loss as to bear the cost of living is greater than the increase in revenue gain from government.
  3. Hence, homicides still occur involving children aged two years, 14 years to senior citizens 70 years of age. Law enforcement still fails to reprimand and warn people causing crime rates to swell as if they were the norm. Every day there are people who become victims and the numbers are increasing. If not handled wisely, crime will be detrimental to society for fear of personal safety, life, property and family members which could lead some to take matters into their own hands. It’s time for interested parties to look to Islamic law as a solution to “return safety” back in society.


  1. We also very concerned about the political situation in our country today. Lately, a lot of issues that arise and create an uncomfortable atmosphere among the people. The issue of “Kalimah Allah”, the Bible in Bahasa Melayu and others have warmed the atmosphere. All of that issue, has discussed without aqidah (faith), the basic knowledge and understanding of right, finally the people are stuck with no end of issues.
  2. Unhealthy symptoms such as a breach of trust, accuse using a variety of social media is very disturbing. Indirectly, people caught in the turmoil that occurred.
  3. The issue of leadership is a very sensitive issue. Existence of culture lies primarily in social media shows how the morals of society in the country (including the leader and people). This is evident when slander occurs at all levels of leadership; superiors and subordinates; as well as local and national level.
  4. We expect healthy competition that does not exist in the political and racist narrow understanding. We believe that harmony can be created with common understanding inorder to know each other.


  1. One of the success indicators of a country or race is the state of her economy. Nonetheless,it isn’t the only yardstick used to categorise a particular race or nation as being forwardor backwards. Other aspects such as education, law, health, infrastructure, freedom,environmental conditions, civilisation and morals of the community and others too should beused as indicators.
  2. In Malaysia, statistics show that so far, the indigenous people, representing approximately 66.7 per cent (of which 53 percent are Muslims) of the population only accounted for about 21.8 per cent of the equity share capital in Malaysia. While this shows an improvement of around 2.4 percent aginst that of 1971, the Muslim domination in economics is still very low compared with the Chinese who control more than 40 per cent of the equity share capital of the country. Whereas at the same time the Chinese make up only about 24.5 percent of the population of Malaysia as in 2010.
  3. Muslims in Malaysia cannot be complacent and proud of their economic achievements thus far. Muslims in this country need to be constantly reminded and made aware that their economic status is actually still lagging behind. If they continue to be buoyed by this “feel good” attitude receiving aids and subsidies, the percentage will further decline and they will be left further behind until there is no turning back.
  4. The era of K-economy now demands that every person be equipped with knowledge in various fields of knowledge, skills, and competencies that are vital to economic development. The explosion of information technology (ICT) that is very sophisticated and flourishing today stipulates that one has to possess ‘multi- knowledge’, ie. diversity of knowledge to face the many management challenges in life that are related to the economy.
  5. Muslims must not only be expert users of these sophistications but also as creators, explorers and inventors of new fields of studies. Muslims have not become inventors and creators for such a long time, merely as consumers nowadays. Our pride only lies in nostalgic ancient history with no formidable substitutes up to now.


Gentlemen and ladies,

  1. HALUAN is not an NGO that is only concerned with domestic programmes. Issues affecting the ummah at large are also part of HALUAN’s concern.


  1. Science and Technology today is growing so rapidly and becoming more sophisticated, and the developed countries are getting richer. But the whole world is talking about the crisis of values. What is the meaning of wealth, progress and prosperity when moral decay of society the world over is becoming common place. The global community is rummaging for a formula to shape the cultural and social environment that is healthy and harmonious. Endorsement by these developed countries of same-sex marriages are but indicators that the erosion of values, morals and manners in such developed countries are very precarious. Thank God amidst this damage, without our awareness, with the will of the Almighty the number of people who convert to Islam in the United States, Britain and Europe is increasing.


  1. Islamic countries are turned like football, kicked here and there by the super powers. The world’s great powers arbitrarily interfere with the affairs of the countries as if they were theirs. There is nothing that can be done by the rulers what more her own people. Whereas in countries where Muslims are the minority, their fate is neglected. They were denied their rights, and they are hunted down as game animals in the wild. The killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is very poignant. In addition, in countries where Muslims are the majority, agitations never abate. The turbulence in Egypt, Syria, Sudan, even in Palestine has yet to be resolved. We should be aware that the political upheaval of the Muslim world today is actually the result of a rigourous and systematic planning by the enemies of Islam, especially Jews and Christians. Allah SWT reminds us in the Qur’an Surah al-Baqarah, verse 120;

(The)Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you (O Muhammad) till you follow their millah (their skewed religion). Say (to them) : “ Verily, the Guidance of Allah (Islam) is the only guidance.” And verily if you follow their desires after what has come (revelations from Allah that) to knowledge (of the truth), then there is nothing that you will get from Allah (anything) that can guide and provide assistance to you.

  1. Consequently, we must all be accountable for the welfare, assistance and liberation of our brothers from the tyranny of the enemies of Islam.

From Huzaifah reported that the Prophet said, “Whoever does not take cognisance of the affairs of the Muslims, he is not one amongst them. Anyone who is in the morning and evening and not being sincere to Allah and His Messenger and His Book and leaders and to Muslims, is not one amongst them (Muslims).“ (Narrated Thabrani)

  1. Based on observations of the historical development of the world since the time of the Renaissance in Europe, the landscape of today’s real world has been shaped by the ideas that were created by the Jews, be it fundamental ideologies or thoughts. Looking at the attitude of the Jews to control the world, there are at least three important steps they have done;
    i. Dominate the world by ideology.
    ii. Mastering the political, legal and economic spheres globally
    iii. Controlling the international media.
  2. Mastering the economy means to dominate the world economy. David Ricardo who is considered the father of capitalism had formulated important economic theories concerning capitalism about debt, ownership, wages and the quantity of money. He served in Western Europe, more precisely at a time when the Jewish people were living there, to trade there and maintain banking functions there. And the world has witnessed how capitalism as an ideology has caused damages. The idea has distanced people from God and truncated religion to the individual. The same idea of economy has also resulted in mass poverty in the third world. Meanwhile the owners of major capital enjoy exceptional luxury.

Gentlemen and ladies,

  1. What is more dangerous than the Jews? The answer is their ideology and mentality that has destroyed the world and the Muslims as capitalism and socialism permeated. Thus the ideological and political attacks are far more dangerous than physical attacks from Jews.
  2. Physical invasion militarily would easily alert us as instincts to defend ourselves come naturally. Yet colonialisation of ideology, economy and politics are numbed to us all. And even more tragic when the consequences of colonial intrigue caused countless souls to die fighting among themselves. Their ideologies such as capitalism and socialism are their grand design that has been proven to destroy civilisations and caused human sufferings, especially in the Muslim world.

Respected participants and observers,


  1. HALUAN THE TRANSFORMER AND LEADER OF SOCIETY is the theme that reflects the numerous works of the organisation that require careful preparation from various aspects, especially the Masses, Supporters and Funds. Besides that, we as members of the organisation require very high stamina to execute those tasks. The challenges and obstacles ahead are huge and strong which can only be handled by people who are equally strong. Therefore we need strength on all corners especially mentally, spiritual and physical. The three human faculties must merge and cooperate with each other in a balanced and fair manner.
  2. The strength of reason is the ability to think, mature, be progressive, intelligent, wise, and able to see and analyse the future with crisp precision. We should be enhancing the understanding, knowledge, experience and soft skills as our capital resources in performing our obligations of the ummah. So that the strength and quality of spirituality HALUAN members posses will be reason enough for Allah SWT’s continued assistance to us.
  3. Spiritual strength is amongst the vigour that is needed by Muslim workers. A weak spirit will affect the mind and body. So dear brothers and sisters, let us enhance our spirituality to strengthen our relationship with God.
  4. On the physical, I call on you gentlemen and ladies of HALUAN not to take things for granted. The soul and mind that are active permeates from a healthy body. There mut be compelling reasons to ensure a healthy body in that the Almighty may bestow us good health enabling us to perform the responsibilities of the deen. We shall be responsible before God if we were to ignore our own well-being or in other words, to ignore our own health. Prophet Muhammad SAW said to ‘Umar ibn al-As, the covenant that says: “Surely, your body has rights over you and indeed for your child to have a right over you.” (Muslim)
    Prophet Muhammad said in a hadith: “Take advantage of five things before five other things come about. Moments of health before illness. Wealth before poverty. Time of leisure before a hectic-life. In youth before old age and time of life before death beckons.” (Reported by al-Hakim and alBayhaqi)
  5. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all HALUAN members to take heed of exercises and to monitor their dietary intakes so that we insha’Allah will be free from any diseases suchas hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases. Of late, many Malaysians in particular die from various types of cancer.

Gentlemen and ladies,

  1. The traditions of the Prophet SAW has shown us that the deeds of Islam must be executed in an organisational manner. The early formation of that generation in the house of Arqam bin Abi Arqam not only built that qualitative individual, but also demonstrated how to work in anorganisational manner.
  2. We have the same goals. Ideally these goals should be addressed according to the structure that was built, through the systems and strategies that have been outlined, as well asmobilisation of expertise that are organised and effective. Our activities must proceed in the spirit of brotherhood, loyalty and trustworthiness. If this does not happen, then the goal that we share will not materialise because something that is the same but combined differently with others will lead to different results.
  3. It’s a very important thing for us to reflect upon our commitment in the organisation. Each ofus is a constituent of the organisation, like a brick in a building. If one of the bricks is damaged or placed incorrectly, it could deface the building, even damaging the structure. Hence it is important for us to feel that whatever that we do, be it in the name of the organisation or individually, there will certainly be an impact on the organisation.


  1. To the government agencies such as JAKIM, KKLW, KKM, KPM and others, as well as nongovernmental agencies, partner NGOs and whoever has been supporting us by giving moral and material support and such, I on behalf of HALUAN would like to say thank you. Your kind support has been instrumental in facilitating us to implement community activities, education and humanitarian efforts. It is hoped that the relationship and support will continue in our efforts to bring change to society and humanity.


  1. The turmoils facing the Muslims today will be resolved when the Muslims return to Islam which they have ignored all this while; be they the people or leaders, by setting aside eachother’s political differences. For a start, the congregation of Islamic leadership and society atall levels should accomplish the need to improve and enhance their faith to Allah SWT through the path shown by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Through the struggle of propogation and education, Rasulullah SAW paved a major transformation that eventually overwhelmed the world that was once thick in the darkness of ignorance towards the illuminated path of piety.
  2. Finally, rest assured that the promise of Allah is true. It shall happen come what may. Every man shall be responsible for himself, be questioned in the grave and in the hereafter. Should we follow, implement and practice all His commandments, then victory will be in the favour of those who hold fast to the truth for reasons of fear and hope in Allah Almighty.

And give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteous deeds, that for them is prepared the heavens wherein rivers flow. For them each is provided fruits from the Gardens, and theysay, “this is what we were promised before,” they are given similar fruits and they shall have pure mates and they will abide therein. (Quran, Surah al-Baqarah : 25)

This keynote address was delivered by the President of HALUAN, Dr Abdullah Sudin Ab Rahman on 2nd of May 2014 at Convention Hall, Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS).