World Rises Against Aggression on Gaza

World Rises Against Aggression on Gaza

World Rises Against Aggression on Gaza

GAZA, 18 NOV 2012 –- Thousands of people in more than 50 countries around the world have taken to the streets to decry the horrendous terrorism being perpetrated by the Zionist terrorist entity against the innocent civilians of Gaza.

From Times Square New York, to Paris, all the way through to Tokyo; breaking the bounds of religion and ethnicity, people around the world have gathered in massive numbers to rally and demonstrate in a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people and to castigate world leaders who have been resoundingly silent in the face of the recent escalation.

The world has grown sick of the Zionists’ habitual practice of targeting journalists to cover up their terrorist acts and to confound the world with their mendacious fabrications. In the recent blitzkrieg, Zionist air forces have intentionally targeted journalists when they surgically and purposely aimed a rocket at a complex where journalists are known to be stationed resulting in nine local and international journalists being injured. One journalist lost a leg.

“Zionists are trying to hide the truth by targeting local media agencies in Gaza,” says a twit. They also blackmail Gazan journalists by threatening to slaughter their families if they continue to report on the sufferings of the people of Gaza. This hideous crime by the world’s most abhorring criminal organisation aims to totally isolate Gaza from the world.

Despite all the chaos and destruction, the innocent civilians of Gaza who have nowhere safe to shelter in after being rained down by more than 900 rockets and bombs still stand strong and united to protect their country and their families. “Amid relentless Zionist bombings, Gaza families huddle together hoping for safety,” says a twit from the battlefield.

One of the recent additions to the list of martyrs is a young child by the name of Tamer Abu Saifan, 3, who also lost his little sister Jumana, one year-old. Their family are refugees from the village of al-Falluja that was usurped by the Zionist.

Meanwhile, war correspondents have staged a demonstration outside the Shawa complex which was destroyed by the Zionist. They decried the indiscriminate butchering of civilians and resolved to continue their struggle regardless of Zionist threats

The coastal city of Nuseirat was also heavily attacked by murdering Zionist pirates. Witnesses say what happened was not a war but butchery and torture on a horrendously massive scale. Many Gazans have received threat calls from the Zionist threatening to slaughter them and destroy their homes if they continue to defend Gaza. The Zionist are using all means to seize Gaza. It is reported that more than 75 000 Zionist reserves have been mobilised in preparation for a ground offensive.

Despite the overwhelming odds, the people of Gaza and the Mujahideen of the al-Qassam brigade are not in the least shaken. They challenge Zionist terrorists to set foot in their territory and discover to their demise the extent of Gazas defence forces. More than 300 rockets have been launched by Palestinian freedom fighters towards the illegal terrorist state of Israel, causing just deaths and rightful destruction. For the first time, rockets have been aimed at Tel Aviv and Ramallah in the West Bank. This has caused fear and panic among the terrorists in illegal Israel who have always thought Palestine a poor and weak nation that can never get to them at their heart.

Translator: Hafizh Zubir