KUIS Flash Mob Touches Hearts

KUIS Flash Mob Touches Hearts

KUIS Flash Mob Touches Hearts

BANGI, 30 Nov 2012 – It starts with hearts that care. A group of students from Selangor Islamic University College (KUIS) manifested this in their “Flash Mob” stint for Palestine and Syria at Al-Azhar Mosque KUIS in Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi, Selangor.

This creative initiative was organised to express the students’ concern and responsibility as fellow Muslims in the wake of the series of inhumane crimes in Palestine and Syria. The Flash Mob, conducted after the Jumuah prayer was successful in attracting the congregation’s attention on the acts of oppression by Israeli Zionists and Syrian Shiites on innocent civillians.

The Flash Mob is a dance-like performance conducted in various ways, amongst them static acts which are performed for a few minutes to magnetise attention. The one-hour event started after the Friday prayer and got the crowd magnetised in witnessing the expressions against the tyranny of Israeli Zionists on Palestinians for tens of years. Altogether 20 KUIS students successfully pulled the heart-warming acts in collaboration with a number of societies and NGOs.

The programme had an objective to channel physical and moral support for the people of Palestine and Syria when being there is still not an option. In addition to that, this was also a platform to create and spark awareness amongst students in particular and the public in general on the issues of the said countries through creative means.

That aside, the programme was also conducted to collect donations for the Palestine Emergency Fund via HALUAN Malaysia. Nevertheless, the biggest objective of all was to fulfill the responsibility of a Muslim as told by Prophet Muhammad pbuh in his hadeeth, “Those who did not take heed of the matters of Muslims, I am not amongst them”.

The programme was a collaborative brainchild of registered societies and NGOs namely Al-Azhar Mosque KUIS, Al-Azhar Club KUIS, Aman Palestin volunteers, Aqsa Syarif Club KUIS, HALUANSiswa and KUIS students themselves. This one-of-a-kind programme managed to pull an impressive crowd consisting of the participants, students, the campus community and the public. After the Flash Mob performance, the Speakers Corner was activated where energetic speakers and orators from students’ societies of KUIS voiced their minds in passionate, fiery and heart-moving speeches.

The crowd was glued to the venue despite the falling rain, united in solidarity and the spirit of Muslim brotherhood. With utmost passion, the wahdah prayer was then recited after all the speeches were given.
One of the participants reflected, “We ought to be grateful for being Muslims who are blessed with a peaceful country to live in. This gratitude needs to be translated into action in whatever creative form as long as it complies with the sharia. Helping the Palestinians is not a choice for us Muslims. It’s an obligation.”

Meanwhile, a lecturer responded by saying, “As an academic staff, I am impressed by the growing awareness and proactive actions taken by students in light of the current events in Palestine. Whatever that is happening there is not only a matter of concern for them alone, but also for us. For the Muslims, the issue of Palestine is an issue of faith.”

All in all, the programme went smoothly and received an overwhelming response from the masses. The organisers were grateful for the collection amounting to RM1,108.30 which will be channelled by HALUAN Malaysia to Palestine and Syria. It is hoped that the awakening on the condition of Muslims in the two countries will continue to rise and be taken seriously by all Malaysians and the world over. May this be accepted as a small deed for life in the Hereafter.

Extend your helping hand. Channel your donations to “Tabung Palestin HALUAN” at Bank Islam 1402–30100–342–92 or Maybank at 5644-9020-8528.

For any queries, do contact +6019-218 7861 or +6013- 282 0731.

“United for Palestine”

Report by Ahmad Akram Solihin Bin Zakaria, Kelab Siswa HALUAN