Covid-19: Ummah Must Return to Allah

Covid-19: Ummah Must Return to Allah

Covid-19: Ummah Must Return to Allah

BANDAR BARU BANGI, Mar 20, 2020 – Muslims everywhere must realise that they need to return to Allah Almighty to defeat the devastating Covid-19 outbreak worldwide.

In addition to adhering to the directives and regulations set by the government, Muslims have to reflect upon the seerah and traditions of Islam, said HALUAN President Dr Abdullah Sudin Ab. Rahman in a Live broadcast on HALUAN Facebook last night. The spiritual point of view is very important to nudge each individual towards the path to a better understanding of the catastrophe. He said this outbreak did not happen by itself unless it was willed by Allah Almighty.

He outlined four basic spiritual matters for Muslims to take advantage of in response to the crisis of the outbreak, in line with the teachings of the Quran and the sunnah. Firstly, they need to be patient and perform solat due to the disaster. To this end, Dr Abdullah quoted two separate verses from chapter Al-Baqarah, verses 45 and 153.


“And ask for help with patience and prayer; and indeed the prayer is heavy except for the humble;.” (Baqarah 2:45)

“These verses teach us that our pleadings for help must be accompanied by two main elements: patience and prayer. Patience is a virtue that Muslims must intrinsically possess while prayer is a physical act of our devotion to God. We have to be patient and calm in the face of this crisis. Let’s not be emotional and anxious because it will cause other problems. That peace comes only through prayer, ” he said.

He added, the activities of solat or prayers at night time such as the prayers of intent can attain Allah’s favour to curb this dangerous epidemic.

In addition, Muslims need to abundantly seek forgiveness or istighfar as in chapter Hud verse 52 where Allah teaches men how to ask forgiveness for their sins and for misfortunes to be eliminated.


“And my people! Ask your Lord for forgiveness, and then return to Him, that He may send you rain and increase your strength that is present within you; and do not forsake my calling by sinning!.” (Hud 11:52)

“One of the reasons for this outbreak is because of the many sins of mankind, so it is a test for us; to whom can we expect advocacy? So it is possible for Allah Almighty to forgive us once we have truly realised our mistakes and repent. Only then will God give us strength again. That is why istighfar can  free ourselves from this disaster and that we shall be stable again,” he said.

The third thing we should do is to zikir or meditate and pray. Some of the most memorable zikir include:

“Bismillahillazi La Yadurru Ma’asmihi Syaiun Fil Ard, i Wa La Fis Sama’ie, Wahuwas Sami’ul ‘Alim”

Meaning: “In the name of Allah, nothing is purified by His name on earth or in heaven, and He is the All-Hearing and the All-Knowing.”

“The fourth and last is to increase your charity during a disaster such as the Covid-19 outbreak. Because it can protect us from even more catastrophic disasters. The charity actually brings blessings to the giver and their hardships lifted,” he said.

Dr Abdullah called on Muslims to take advantage of this catastrophe in that each Muslim individual take steps to transform themselves, a conscious transformation towards redefining the way of life for the most favoured by Allah Almighty.

He said, “A sane person will transform this misfortune into an opportunity. Like the martyr Sayyid Qutb and the late Dr Hamka who authored books throughout their time in prison. This isolation season due to Covid-19 should be an opportunity for us to change. Take advantage of this (forced leave) opportunity to strengthen family relationships, educate ourselves especially in reading current materials, reciting the Quran, zikir, salawat, istighfar, reconciling by hastening good practices left behind because we were too busy working.”

Report by mediaHALUAN unit