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Gaza Emergency Appeal 2023-2024

Raised: RM1,909,265.00 / Goal: RM5,000,000.00

177 Days Left

Bantuan Sara Hidup Yatim Palestin-Syria 2024

Raised: RM32,408.58 / Goal: RM90,000.00

169 Days Left

Baitul Maqdis Sustainable Fund

Raised: RM17,400.00 / Goal: RM150,000.00

169 Days Left

Education Fund For Palestinian Students In Malaysia

Raised: RM8,136.00 / Goal: RM200,000.00

169 Days Left

Palestine Community Educare Centre

Raised: RM14,550.00 / Goal: RM100,000.00

171 Days Left

Sumbangan Dana Pembangunan Asrama HALUAN Penyayang

Raised: RM79,586.00 / Goal: RM1,000,000.00

139 Days Left

Education Programs Fund

Raised: RM19,075.00 / Goal: RM100,000.00

171 Days Left

Support Us @mediaHALUAN

Raised: RM16,645.00 / Goal: RM30,000.00

171 Days Left

Education for Rohingya Refugee Children in Malaysia

Raised: RM43,070.00 / Goal: RM120,000.00

171 Days Left

Projek Pusat Pendidikan Komuniti Syria

Raised: RM50,481.00 / Goal: RM100,000.00

171 Days Left

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