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Six years after the start of the conflict, Yemen continues to face a devastating and unrelenting humanitarian and protection crisis that risks turning into famine if the international community does not act urgently.
Ongoing conflict - Since the beginning of 2021, the conflict in Yemen has taken a sharp escalatory turn following the most recent offensive in Marib Governorate. The increase in hostilities has so far forced more than 1,000 families (6,000 individuals) in Sirwah district to flee their homes. Only a peaceful political resolution of the conflict can halt further suffering.
Famine and displacement - Some 16 million persons across the country are currently food insecure. Latest UNHCR and Food Security Phase Classification data reveal that there is a strong correlation between displacement and extreme food insecurity. Displaced families are four timesmore at risk of falling into hunger than other Yemenis. Out of the total four million IDPs, over 67 per cent live in districts categorized as being in an emergency food insecure situation, a phase just below famine.
Collapsed economy - Following years of conflict, Yemen’s economy and currency have collapsed. A situation that has only worsened after the outbreak of COVID-19. Up to 80 per cent of Yemenis live below the poverty line. Some 92 per cent of displaced families have reported not having any income at all or living with less than YER 25,000 (USD 40) per month.
HALUAN Response
March 16, 2021, the first coordination meeting of the Help YEMEN campaign in Malaysia, which was attended by His Excellency the Yemeni Ambassador to Malaysia, Dr. Adel Muhammad Bahamid and the organizations of MRA, MyCare, HALUAN, ISLAMIC RELIEF, ALTAWASUL and INSAN.

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