Whither Roadmap for Palestine Post-UN’s Observer State Status

Whither Roadmap for Palestine Post-UN’s Observer State Status

Whither Roadmap for Palestine Post-UN’s Observer State Status

BANDAR BARU BANGI, 30 Nov 2012 – Palestinian Authority (PA) leader, Mahmoud Abbas received a standing ovation in September last year after presenting Palestine’s case to become a United Nations member. Yesterday, on the 65thanniversary of Resolution No.181, the United Nations casted their votes to elevate Palestine as a “non-member observer State”.

Many are of the view that this latest development signals a beacon of hope for the dissolution of the Palestinian state crisis. The question is, is this not just another illusion?

Analysing this development requires holistic considerations of the direction of Palestine as a sovereign whole, without neglecting the daunting history of how Israel, its neighbouring Zionist state, was established as well as the murders and crime inflicted onto thousands of innocent Palestinians and the long list of systematic desecration upon the holy land. A deep contemplation on the events past could shed some light on what we can expect in the future for this region of conflict.

To start off, in becoming an official non-member observer State, all parties including PA must come to an agreement on its borders, as a country is not a country without official physical borders. For Palestine, her physical borders will most likely be construed on what is named as the pre-1967 war borders. The question is, was Palestine indeed born on that date, and her lands lined with that borders? A Zionist malicious intent seems lurking while the PA is idle over it.

UN’s recognition on Palestine based on these borders also brings another meaning, that a similar recognition on the rights of Israel as a sovereign state, blatantly sitting on 80-90% of originally Palestinian ancestral lands with the support of the UN now suddenly becomes inevitable.. If this is the repercussion for the 29 November, 2012 recognition, a horrendous crime has been recorded in history, a grand treachery to the Palestinians and all Muslims alike in every corner of this planet.

The recognition of Palestine, as outlined and desired by Mahmoud and his band of ministers will only mean that Palestine is willing to succumb to and approve Israel as a lawful state. In effect, it also denies any opportunity for the redemption of eight million Palestinians’ who were forced off their ancestral holy land and who became refugees from ever reclaiming their lands. The Palestinian refugees will lose all their hope of returing home and to claim what was rightfully theirs. This is another treachery of the grandest scale, where the PA is willing to close its eyes shut and let the lands change ownership with blood and tears of its own people on the deal.

Also to come into effect with the recognition of PA, is the dissolution of Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) which was recognised by the UN as the sole and legitimate representative of Palestine since 1974. We must realise that PLO represents the Palestinians in all its rightful regions including those under Israeli occupation. The PA, meanwhile, bears only the voice of residents of the West Bank. This illustrates the depletion of Palestinian state representatives from 43% (according to the distribution plan) to less than 10% of its actual region. In terms of number of residents, PA’s recognition will only carry the voice of 2.4 million West Bank’s residents, as compared with a total of 12 million Palestinians including those in exile.

The deceptive media and wishful remarks of world leaders over the UN resolution are now orchestrating their melody of ‘hope’ for the conclusion of decades-old conflict between Palestine and Israel. Harping the same tune, commentaries and news on the media are illustrating how both sides should be crowned for their commitment for peace, while almost nobody, except for a certain few who took the effort to scrutinise history and the losses of the suffering Palestinians since more than six decades ago.

The resolution, as portrayed by the media, seems to magically cleanse all the tears and blood of the martyrs who have fought for their land, their rights and their children’s future, as if the ink and paper of the UN were universal remedies over the pain and terror.

Let us understand with some depth the repercussion for the recognition of Palestine using the PA framework. Firstly, the approval of Palestine as a sovereign state by the UN also means that the body has to approve Israel’s position as a sovereign state for the Jews – the ultimate dream of Israel since the first day of its establishment. We have to be aware, that the moment the recognition is granted, Israel will not hesitate to show its true colours.

It will now have the legitimate power, as ruler of a country, to send all Arabs and Palestinians still in its territories into exile, away from their ancestral lands for not being Jews. No Arabs will have a place in the only-for-Jews country. These Arabs will not have a place to go but become refugees in other countries.

The heroics over the recognition of Palestine according to PA’s plan are worth nothing with the unending issue of Palestinian refugees, constant brutal occupation on Palestinian lands, embargo on Gaza as well as the denied choice for the Palestinian state capital. With these problems still dominating the Palestinian state landscape, any sort of recognition will just be another pie in the sky. The repercussions that entail, most of them hidden away from the public, could just become another cancer for this already torn and fragile country.

The recognition for the non-member observer State status will also allow Israel to free itself from the heinous military acts inflicted upon the region all these years – bullying, terrorising and occupying the West Bank and Gaza. It can, soon after the recognition, use force on Gaza or the West Bank on the premise of it being a legitimate country. Palestinian fighters will now be facing a legitimate, world-approved country, not merely an oppressor as it is deemed today.

This is the complete converse of the stand of the Palestinians who will put everything on the line to stay and struggle for their occupied land by the ruthless Zionist. Unfortunately, thanks to the genius of the PA, the fight against Israel will then become a fight against a sovereign state. The struggle to reclaim their ancestral lands will become unreasonable, and would surely gain them the label of ‘ungrateful terrorists’.The PA has lost since the beginning in this mind game.

Israel is firm with its plan to make the whole of Jerusalem as its capital, shoving aside the idea that East Jerusalem becomes the capital for Palestine.

The PA believes, or was made to believe, that the recognition of Israel as a country will enable the Palestinians to drag the Zioniststo the International Criminal Court (ICC)over war crimes. What we have to realise however, is that Israel never became a member of ICC nor approves of it, which implies that it is invincible to ICC law or verdicts. The same has happened before this during the bloody Zionist attack on Mavi Marmara, where conflicts arose as both Israel and Turkey did not ratify the ICC.

The decision to appeal for UN membership was taken after more than 20 years of negotiations with Israel. Although those fruitless, one-sided negotiations were clearly manipulated by Israel, PA still refuses to accommodate the views of other parties who are directly involved in the conflict, including the Palestinian people themselves.

How about Hamas?

From the beginning, Hamas stood firm in rejecting any efforts for the inclusion of Palestine in the UN as long as the more pressing issues regarding the Palestinian homeland mentioned earlier are not rightfully addressed. Nevertheless, many who do not understand view this as a political conflict of it with Fatah which in turn, neglects the Palestinians’ human rights. Behind the shadows is of the course the media which has successfully manipulated the facts and deluded the world to misconstrue what Hamas actually stood for.

Hamas’ Head of Political Bureau, Khalid Meshaal emphasises that Hamas fully supports the efforts of Mahmoud Abbas in the UN. But this support comes with terms and conditions. The inclusion of Palestine into the UN should not cause the loss of even an inch of Palestinian soil to Israel or deny the rights of Palestinians from returning to their rightful country. In other words, Hamas has never budged from its original manifesto to defend the Palestinian land although politically, they are with the PA in striving for peace and harmony.

We have to view Hamas’ support as a sign of maturity in handling diplomacy and international politics. Hamas, as an organisation pledges to function as an entity that is friendly to the international community without jeopardising its fundamentals of struggle. Let’s work together and achieve mutual benefits.

How about Israel and America?

Many are of the view that if the UN recognition is a wrathful loss to Palestine, why then would Israel and America oppose it? Truth is, Israel never had any faith that there will be any resolution at all for Palestine. They wanted the issue to proceed and that Palestinian leaders will continue to be in a stranglehold with endless series of negotiations.

Israel never imagined to be neighbours with Palestine, whose people they always see as filthy and unworthy. Their modus operandi is to let Palestine continuously discuss and negotiate, therefore portraying an image of themselves being a loyal, patient and friendly country which is always willing to listen and committed in making roadmaps for peace when it is indeed the exact opposite. In reality, Israel, in every drop of its blood holds to the doctrine “we will get all that we want and none will be given to anyone”.

Anyone who studies about the Jews and its origins will know who they really are. History has recorded the long lists of unimaginable, inhumane acts executed by the Jews even on their own prophets in order to fulfill their manic desires. The decapitation of Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) and the sawing of Prophet Zakaria’s (Zachariah) body into halves were only some of despicable acts of these people. Ask the Jews about this and they will deprecate that it’s a lie with a poker face. Deceitful, breaking promises and afraid of death are but some of the traits that were ingrained in their bodies and souls. If even the God-appointed prophets were unable to rehabilitate them, what can we expect of the PA? The Palestinians bear witness to all their acts of terror and all their brutality towards innocent babies and children. The animalistic characteristic is what is passed down generation upon generation of the Jews since thousands of years ago.

Over the last 23 years, America has happily allowed the existence of both PLO and PA as it is part of its strategy for Israel’s sustenance. Palestinian internal conflicts are deemed necessary for Israel all these years, and has helped in putting the strategy in place and order. However, the recent effort by PA for UN recognition will hamper that strategy. Both Israel and America have to do whatever in their means to halt that recognition. They will continue to object PA’s application in the UN.

Nevertheless, if PA can continue to function in safeguarding Israel’s interests, allowing the Jews to keep on rampaging Palestinian lands and help it dodge the blame from the international community, Israel will still be in cloud nine. Mahmoud Abbas and PA are surely to be used as puppets for Israel’s gluttony for power for many more rounds. Besides, PA requires a mechanism to regain their waning popularity especially since Hamas and its fighters in Gaza were recently lauded as heroes for championing against the Israeli aggression while the PA sits akimbo and yawned.

In reality, a majority of the Palestinians, be it in Gaza, West Bank and even those exiled in other countries knew by heart that the Jews can never be sincere. The only language they comprehend is the language of war, not negotiations. As mentioned by a Gaza resident to HALUAN volunteers in one of their missions there, “we are in the front lines to defend our children, women and all our people in this Muslim waqf land (endownment). This great duty shall never be violated. We will prepare ourselves and march forward with the Quran firm in our right hands and weapons in our left hands until the day comes for Palestine to be gloriously liberated and all Muslims can pray in Al-Aqsa in peace and tranquility. Be it in our generation, or the generations to come.”

The words are indeed true. We have been deceived and confused by the Zionists and its proxy for far too long. To fall into their trap once again is never an option. May the UN recognition not be another mindfully planned snare for Palestine.

Feature by Mohd Nizam Awang, HALUAN Palestine Bureau