We Repent & Seek Forgiveness

We Repent & Seek Forgiveness

We Repent & Seek Forgiveness

We are humans. We have weaknesses. We all make mistakes. We have in our lifetime made some awful life decisions, actions or sins. These are what blacken out hearts and weaken our relationship with Allah SWT.

Allah loves to hear from us. He never leaves humans alone. Thus, He blesses us with Ramadan. The month of forgiveness. The month where we repent and seek forgiveness from Allah SWT. The month where we return and beg for salvation from Him. The month where we also need to forgive ourselves and others.

May The Almighty grant us all healing, forgiveness for all of our sins, give us the ability to overcome our shortcomings and weaknesses and grant us hearts full of peace, tranquility, strength and the ability to forgive ourselves and others.

Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu anna
“Oh Allah! You are Forgiving and love forgiveness, so forgive us.”




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