Gaza Victory Irks Zionist

Gaza Victory  Irks Zionist

Gaza Victory Irks Zionist

GAZA, 20 Nov 2012 – Many have chided western media giants for their flimflam attitude in playing down Zionist crimes and atrocities in the Gaza strip that has entered its sixth day with more than a hundred innocent civilians dead and another 700 grievously injured.

“Israel doesn’t target kids or pregnant women or doctors or journalists. Israel doesn’t discriminate. Israel is an equal opportunity murderer,” says Mary Hughes-Thompson in her twit. This group of murderers don’t discriminate, they butcher everyone and anyone.

It is said that the BBC only started reporting widely and criticising the terrorist Zionist regime rather cautiously when one of its own reporters, Jihad Misharawi lost his son, Omar, 11 months-old in a Zionist blitz.

International media giants, mostly owned by and under the leash of international Zionist cartels have tried to cover up the humiliating failure of Illegal Israel’s American-sponsored sophisticated modern technologies to protect its people and property from blockaded and impoverished Palestinian’s home-made rocket attacks. In the latest incident, HAMAS freedom fighters succeeded in shooting down an Apache helicopter in Beit El-Hanoun, north of Gaza, a fertile settlement that the HALUAN team visited nine months ago to deliver aid from the people of Malaysia. A Zionist speedboat was also destroyed in the Mediterranean sea, an incident that must have cost terrorist lives.

Jews, however, as they are described by the Quran and from the Sirah, will never admit the calamities that are being struck down upon them for their atrocities. In the past 24 hours, HAMAS rocket attacks have injured more than 40 terrorists in the illegal state. Nothing has been said about this by international media giants.

The only thing reported was about the heroics of Zionist F16 jets – courtesy of peace loving America – attacking dangerous civilian housing areas in Rafah and Khan Younis. At the same time, five million illegal settlers from the terrorist Zionist state were cowering like snivelling rats in underground bunkers. Never in the past three years have Zionist terrorists been forced to flee underground, testimony to the might of the righteous Palestinian fighters in Gaza.

America and the west’s ’trusted‘ messengers of peace and civility in the middle-east acted like crazed lunatics, armed and dangerous when they had a free for all shooting party. Stadiums, housing areas, hospitals, journalist complexes, cars, motorcycles, ambulances and anything they see were all fair game. It was as if they had lost their minds.

Palestinian fighters have gracefully invited the Zionists to a man-to-man duel in Gaza, but then, when has there ever existed a Jew worth even half the word bravery? The only heroics they are noteworthy of is butchering the messengers Allah sent to them so that they may stomp out goodness and spread evil.

Despite all the odds against them, Palestinian fighters remain steadfast in the path of Jihad, never showing even the slightest sign of relenting or accepting a ceasefire on Zionist terms. On top of that, Palestinian fighters have shown that their rockets are now able to reach Tel Aviv, capital of the terrorist Zionist state.

An al-Qassam rocket struck an international airport in the terrorist state, forcing it to close down and affecting tourism. Two other rockets struck a bulls eye on a Zionist army base in southern Gaza near the Rafah crossing in Egypt. These possibilities were not within their calculations when the Zionist terrorists decided to wage war with Palestine in Gaza this time around.

Most al-Qassam home-made rockets struck strategic military targets. On the other hand, the Zionist’s sophisticated state-of-the-art rockets seem to miss strategic targets all too often and strike innocent civilians instead, as if they were purposely targeting women, children, the elderly, journalists, and fertile agricultural land. They warned that they would kill anyone that steps out of their house and spare those that remain inside, yet they purposely target civilian houses, butchering whole families.

Almost 60% of the shuhada’ (martyred) were children. Some of the victims were sent to Egypt because medicine ran low in Gaza hospitals not able to support the sheer volume of patients. Since two days ago, more volunteer doctors and paramedics from Egypt, Turkey, and other Arab nations have arrived in Gaza to show their solidarity and support for the Palestinian cause.

The area of Tel Rabi near Tel Aviv was incapacitated when it was struck by Palestinian rockets. The Zionists never dreamt that the Palestinians would be able to strike them so hard and so close to their capital. It was a case of the hunter becoming the hunted. The terrorist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged Egypt and the European Union to mediate a ceasefire but was rejected by the HAMAS Government. This fearless attitude of the democratically-elected Palestinian nationals is an unforeseen nightmare that the Zionist had never anticipated. Indeed, the Zionist never learned that they will lose no matter what they do.