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JDK 2015 - No Regrets!

BANDAR BARU BANGI, 8 Jun 2016 -- It's always a story of contemplations and trepidations every time a youngster, a form five school leaver, leaves the comfy abode for a prolonged course away from home. Not exactly yelling and kicking, but to fit into a fraternity or sorority of strangers your age can be frightening sometimes. But always only at the beginning.

Here is a true sharing of one of many – a fresh 17-year-old girl who made it through JDK 2015, and bewildered by how it has elevated her to maturity and composure. This should inspire you if you're still in school and reading this. Read on.


Tuesday, January 05, 2016 - "It has been a while for me to sit in front of my laptop, to let all of my feelings and thoughts pour out onto my blog. Besides writing diaries, I used to stay up till late at night, putting all my books aside and letting my fingers free on the keyboard. During the wee hours of the night, I could find serenity amidst the frustrations aroused by my hectic school life and the academic pressure which was too much too handle by that time. Unfortunately, I failed to allocate some time for my blog when I was in Form Five due to many reasons which I supposed many of you could list them all out.

So, after my last paper for SPM, I was relieved that it had finally come to an end. But at the same, it was a period of confusion and emptiness. I was not so sure about what I need to do during the long school holidays besides having trivial activities like other form fivers; driving lessons, part-time jobs, doing house chores and blah blah...

Luckily, after attending a short camp at my state's mosque, I received a letter from HALUAN for a 20-day camp at Bangi, Selangor. (Big thanks to Abang Ammar and my cousin, Rayyan for suggesting me to go for it). The camp was called KURSUS JATI DIRI & KESUKARELAWANAN REMAJA (JDK) 2015. Simply, it means Self-Empowerment and Volunteerism course for youths. By that time, part of me felt happy, as this was the perfect time for me to run away from home for a while. At the same time, I hesitated. I wasn't too sure if this camp would be beneficial. Would it be just a waste of time?

The poster looked so tempting though!

After much hesitation, I told myself to delay my driving lessons until January 2016 and go for the camp. With the niyat of 'running away' from boredom, I stepped into a college called Kolej Teknologi Darulnaim (KTD), Kuala Lumpur on 12th December. I was one-hour late as all the participants were getting ready for prayer. But the facilitators were welcoming me with much warmth. There was Hani, who helped me with my luggage, Hani's mother, who prepared a special lunch for me.

Soon after that, it was the ice-breaking session. Little did I know, I was the only participant from Malacca to have joined the camp in "Zon Tengah" or Central Zone.

'PERFECT', I told myself. This was the perfect chance for me to be who I really am. No one knows me. They know my name but not my life story. (Fyi, there were five zones altogether; Zon Utara/North --Kedah, Perlis, Penang, Perak; Zon Timur/East -- Pahang; Zon Tengah/Central -- KL; Zon Selatan/South -- Johor, Melaka; and Zon Sabah).

After the Opening Ceremony, after taking the vow, the camp kicked off with the first module -- MODUL ANJAKAN PARADIGMA aka the Paradigm Shift. This module lasted for about four days. The activities carried out included Group Discussions with the awesome Pak Ciks and Mak Ciks, Group Presentations, Watching videos, Kembara Ilmu and Halaqah.

The cutest Pak Cik in the house -- Pak Cik Aliman aka Pak Cik Englishman!

Talks, and Talks, and Talks.

Group Discussions

The cutest Mak Cik in the camp.

Salma, can you see Mak Cik clearly?? haha

We made a circle, and had our HALAQAH with the Ustazah. (That's me, holding the pink Al-Qur'an)

Kembara Ilmu with Zinnirah group at Taman Tasik Cempaka.

Pak Cik Rosdi's slot was simply THE BEST!! Slot: KEPENTINGAN HALAQAH

"Kita kena tahu apa yang hilang. Supaya kita dapat 'rasa' apa yang hilang. Takut-takut, kita hilang rasa sampai kita hilang kelayakan untuk masuk syurga pun kita tak rasa." - Pak Cik Rosdi; "KEHILANGAN"

Riadah petang. With Baju kurung as top. harhar

The second module was -- MODUL PEMANTAPAN KENDIRI & PROFESIONAL. I enjoyed this module so much as there were so many fun activities! We were exposed on ways to deal with university life, stress, time management and ways of Dakwah, delivering speeches, studying methods, according to what are being set by Islam. Plus, the girls and the boys had a debate at one night! It was quite challenging but enjoyable.

Bro Zamree. A young phD Doctor. He is simple yet remarkable.


Here it comes Pak Cik Aliman again! He was delivering ways to handle our emotions.

Notes on TIME

Notes on Muwasaffat Tarbiyyah (10 peribadi Muslim by Imam Hassan Al-Banna)

Kak Fatimah Az-Zahraa was superb!

Third module; MODUL KEMAHIRAN KEPIMPINAN KEMASYARAKATAN or Community Leadership Management Skills. Here, we were taught on ways to handle social issues, burial, and methods to explain and defend Islam. Moreover, I was so anticipating the almost 2-day session by the Kelab HALUAN FITRAH as I was told that we were going to learn about main religions around the world! No doubt, the class was totally cool! I got more insights about other religions - Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Animism, Atheism, Free-thinkers and last but not least, my own religion; ISLAM. :)

He is a good lecturer. Really.

Kelas Pengendalian Mayat; Mengkafankan.

"Who wish to marry a Chinese, please raise your hand!"

Slot Salah Faham terhadap Islam.

More new info about Christianity. [peace]

More insight about other religions in the world. ;)



Farhana and the Gang.

Me(the polka dots) checking on our spaghetti Bolognese! :)

The following days were filled with other modules, like MODUL KECERGASAN FIZIKAL DAN REKREASI, MODUL KHIDMAT MASYARAKAT, MODUL INSTITUSI PENGAJIAN TINGGI ISLAM and last but not least, the most awaited modul of all -- MODUL BAITUL MUSLIM!! It was about getting familiar with matrimonial matters.

Wallahi, all modules were filled with many kinds of activities. All of these activities sharpened and polished our qualities as Muslims, from our general knowledge up to critical thinking skills. We went into the jungle for three days, we stayed overnight for Khatibah, we served as volunteers to clean up the Masjid ar-Rahmah, Sungai Lui, Perak, we mixed around with the society with a whole new niyat to bolster our Ukhuwah among our brothers and sisters in Islam, to GIVE MORE and expect nothing. Thats what we learned all about volunteerism throughout JDK 2015.

Malam Kebudayaan among Sahibahs,

In'aam. she had me in stitches every single day. Until now.

Ketua Kumpulan Zinnirah - Anis Nadhirah! She's simply the best1

To SPM 2016 leavers, come and Join JDK 2016! No regrets!

Our Last Sharing Moment in the Ukhuwah Circle on the last day.

"Saya takut hilang kumpulan Tarbiyah macam ni. Doakan saya, ya kawan-kawan?" - Putri Nur Syuhada (Peserta Terbaik JDK 2015)

"Having the golden opportunity in JDK 2015
to attain a strong Ukhuwah among the Sahibah;
to be in Bi'ah solehah;
to have great Murabbi as our Qudwah Hasanah;
to gain Ilmu Dunya wal Akhirah;
If these are not called as His Rahmat that brings me Happiness,
then what is?"


A great sharing by sister Syakirin Al-Husna, Participant of JDK 2015
Link: http://sos98.blogspot.my/2016/01/jdk-2015-no-regrets.html