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MEDIA STATEMENT - HALUAN Opposes the Declaration of Al-Quds As Capital of Israel

December 7, 2017 -- HALUAN vehemently opposes the announcement made by US President Donald Trump, who declared the holy city of al-Quds as the capital of Israel.

The repeated attempts by the world powers, especially by the United States, to destroy the Palestinian territories in the interests of the Zionist regime, is totally unacceptable. It is a planned crime that violates all international laws and human norms.

This arrogant declaration shall only further fuel the struggle of liberating Palestine.

Let us all unite our solidarity in meticulous precision. Together we must work hard to build a generation capable of inheriting the capabilities of Salahuddin al-Ayyubi's generation, armed with the history of struggle and the expertise in organising strategies, based on piety to God.

HALUAN remains committed to the Palestinian struggle, as it is part of our faith.

Dr Abdullah Sudin Ab. Rahman, President HALUAN